Synod Resolutions 2011

Held at CHRIST CHURCH, Serrekunda
9th – 13TH FEBRUARY 2011

 Under the Chairmanship of the
Rt. Rev. Dr. Solomon Tilewa Ethelbert Willie Johnson
Bishop of Gambia.

Resolution 1:

That thanks be given to our Almighty, Merciful and Loving

Father, for His infinite faithfulness, abundant blessings, guidance and protection for the mission and ministry of His Church in this Diocese.

Resolution 2:

That thanks and praise be given to Almighty God for His continued blessings on our beloved nation, The Gambia; and furthermore that commitment be made to pray for enduring peace and religious harmony in our land.

Resolution 3:

That warm, sincere and prayerful greetings be sent to His Excellency the President of the Republic of The Gambia, Sheikh Prof. Alhaji Dr Yahya A. J. J. Jammeh; assuring him of our daily prayers for himself and all those who hold authority in our land.

Resolution 4:

That fraternal greetings be sent to the Most Rev. Justice O. Y. Akrofi, Archbishop of the Anglican Church of the Province of West Africa. Furthermore, that he be assured of our constant prayers for himself and his family. May God bless, guide and strengthen him in this task.

Resolution 5:

That there should be endorsement of the theme for Synod, “Consolidating the local Anglican input in the actualization of the millennium development goals 1 and 2 as the year 2015 fast approaches” and further that the Bishop should be commended for his inspiring and scholarly Charge to Synod.

Resolution 6:

That heartfelt thanks be sent to the sister churches (The Methodist Conference of the Gambia and the Roman Catholic Diocese of Banjul) in the Gambia with deep appreciation for the cordial ecumenical relations we enjoy in this land. In this regard we remain committed to working with our sister churches in ministering to the people of the Gambia

Resolution 7:

That the resolutions committee, with support from the Diocesan office, translate the resolutions of synod into a plan of action for implementation by the Diocesan office so that a status report on the implementation of such resolutions be presented to synod by the chairman of the resolutions committee.

Resolution 8:

That greetings be sent to The United Society for the Propagation of the Gospel (USPG), to Church Mission Society (CMS) expressing appreciation for our partnership in mission, assuring them of our prayers for their ministry worldwide, as they, under God, face the challenges of today’s world.

Resolution 9:

That warm fraternal greetings and sincere wishes of God’s ever abiding love and provision be sent to our Partners in Mission as follows: All Africa Conference of Churches (AACC), the World Council of Churches (WCC), the Trinity Grants programme, New York (TGP-NY), Mothers Union (Mary Sumner House), Inter Diocesan West Africa Link (IDWAL), the Diocese of Chichester, Mr. Steve Hewko and Mrs. Cheryl Hewko of Christian Volunteer Movement(CVM),Margaret Burkett, Rev Hilda Sey, Melaku Kifle, and David Nicoll, expressing our joy and appreciation fr their goodwill messages, partnership and assuring them of our prayers;

Resolution 10:

That greetings and heartfelt congratulations be sent to Bro. Ruel Redwood Tobias Andrews upon receiving the well-deserved Honorable Mention in the Bishop’s Charge to Synod and further, assuring him of our Prayers for his continued good health.

Resolution 11:

That thanks and appreciation be sent to the Rev. Dr. Mark Jason, Secretary, Methodist Conference of the Gambia and Superintendent Minister, Wesley Cathedral, Chaplain of Synod 2011 for the inspiring and thought-provoking Bible Studies he conducted at Synod; and further, assuring him of our prayers and best wishes for him and his family.

Resolution 12: 

That congratulations be sent to His Lordship the Bishop, the Rt. Rev. Dr Tilewa Johnson on the occasion of the 21st Anniversary of his Consecration and Enthronement as Bishop of Gambia, assuring him of our prayers for his continued strength as he leads the Diocese of Gambia.

Resolution 13:

That congratulations be sent to His Lordship, the Bishop, the Rt. Rev. Dr Tilewa Johnson, and Venerable Priscilla Johnson his most adorable and charming spouse on the occasion of their 30th Wedding Anniversary. May God grant them more years of matrimonial bliss.

Resolution 14:

That greetings and message of condolences be sent to the eight bereaved families listed in the Bishop’s charge, assuring them of our prayers for the continued repose of the soul of their dear departed relative.

Resolution 15:

That warm greetings be sent to Venerable Priscilla Johnson, with a note of sincere appreciation for the unstinting support she gives to the Bishop , and for the great contribution she makes to the life of the church in general; and further, to send greetings to Njilan, Jeggan and Dado Johnson, in recognition of their role in supporting the ministry of the Bishop.

Resolution 16:

That thanks and sincere appreciation be sent to members of the clergy who have worked tirelessly and have given their best to their Diocesan work, together with their full time regular work. We thank God for their commitment to the non-stipendiary Ministry and salute their spouses and family members who have provided much support in the work of their ministries. May God continue to shower his blessings on them.

Resolution 17:

That sincere thanks be sent to all those who have contributed to the smooth running and success of Synod 2011 at Christ Church Serrekunda. These are: the Rev. Canon James S. Cole and Mother Mathilda Cole, the staff and people of Christ Church Serrekunda, for accommodating the Synod and providing adequate refreshment; the Diocese for providing some resources; Parishes and individuals for their contributions; presenters of reports Diocesan Institutions and Organizations and the Diocesan staff for facilitating the secretariat.

Resolution 18:

That special and concerted attention be given to the Youth Ministry by the Diocesan Office and all Parishes given its pivotal role in the survival and relevance of the church. Moreover, that the US$20,000 be retained and the time frame be reduced.

Resolution 19:

Whilst acknowledging the efforts made so far by the Radio and TV ministry there is an urgent need to establish an institution to facilitate such work and build capacity to improve the quality and performance of radio and TV programmes. Meanwhile that amateurs who are skilled in producing videos for YouTube or Facebook, be encouraged to produce them.

Resolution 20:

That every parish identify the dominant language in the community and take steps to start a reading class in that language with a view of creating a pool of people who can read scriptures in the local languages and that this be extended to address programmes such as health and agriculture.

Resolution 21:

That all parishes and Diocesan Organisations that have to present audited financial statement to Synod should do so by using a standardised format which Brother Donald Kaye will assist to develop.

Resolution 22:

That heartfelt thanks be rendered to Almighty God for His blessings upon this Synod so that we continue to gain further insights upon the theme of the Synod “Consolidating the local Anglican input in the actualization of the millennium development goals 1 and 2 as the year 2015 fast approaches’’ and that this theme among others guide the future programmes and activities of the church.

Resolution 23:

Whilst acknowledging the report on the commission of the state of the church, Synod urges that future reports include an analysis of the prevailing environment in which the church operates and make recommendations in this direction. That the committee be urged to visit each Parish in the Diocese and that transport be provided for the visit to be fcilitated.

Resolution 24:

That the Parishes of St Paul’s, Christ Church and St. Andrews endeavour to give life to daughter parishes in Brusubi, Bakoteh and Kembujeh respectively.

Resolution 25:

That all parishes take urgent steps to address matters of church Music and to encourage the involvement of the youth in their Choir.

Resolution 26:

That all parish priests and synod delegates brief their various Parishes on the outcome of synod and further encourage their PCC’s to conduct a mid-year review of major decisions of Synod. That Parishes also share best practices that are reported in Synod.

Resolution 27:

That the Diocese through the schools provide enough input in the actualization of the millennium Development goals 1 and 2 as stated in the theme for Synod 2011.

Resolution 28:

That the Diocesan Estate Committee compile a full list of all properties owned by the Diocese; furthermore that the Committee secure all properties by ensuring proper fencing of the perimeters to avoid encroachment. The committee is also urged to have a future plan in acquiring more properties, some which must be reserved for the use of weaker or less fortunate Anglicans for a token fee.


That the Education Committee apply for sites for the relocation of our schools i.e. The Rev J. C. Faye Memorial School, Archdeacon Matthias George Memorial Upper Basic School, and St. Mary’s Lower Basic School. That Christian Religious Education be taught in school in order that the theme may gradually be effected

Resolution 30:

That the Finance Committee endeavour to solicit funds for the fencing of the area required for the Drip Irrigation System since the Israeli Government has agreed to fund the equipment required for the project.




Sister Victoria E Clarke, Chair

Bro. Reginald John, Member

Bro. Frank Uche, Member

Bro.Richard Campbell, Member

Sis. Joanna Carew. Member

Sis. Hannah Acy Peters, Synod Secretary



… The Rt. Rev. Dr. Solomon Tilewa Ethelbert Willie Johnson



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